2017 Summer Institute Open for Registration

2017 Summer Institute Open for Registration

20 Jun 2017 Summer Institute Open for Registration

This is what most of the teachers find out when applying TBL methodology in their regular classrooms. Thinking Based Learning has been adopted in schools all over the world for more than 20 years. It allows students to develop important thinking skills, and not just memory, that they use as they engage with the regular curriculum. That’s what prompts them to come up with ideas their teachers never thought they were capable of.

The digital era demands more of our students than rote, individual, learning. It demands of them that they are able to solve problems creatively and effectively working in teams, not alone, and drawing upon a variety of sources of information. For this they need to use a variety of analytic, critical, and creative thinking skills. All teachers, from teachers of 3 and 4 year old students, through 18 year old students, need to make teaching students these skills as important as teaching them important curricular content.

Register now at: http://teach-think.org/programs/special-programs/summer-institute/

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