19 Jul 25th EDITION SUMMER INSTITUTE CTT (Madrid, Spain)

The first week of the CTT 2016 July Summer Institute is now over –an intense week with teachers dedicated to bring the best education to their students, who will now being back a new student-centered thinking-based methodology for teaching important content (Thinking-Based Learning). The emphasis this week was on how to teach important skills of analysis, critical thinking, and creative thinking, all infused into content instruction. We looked at model lessons by other teachers at different grade levels, and those in the course adapted these models to design their own for their students at their grade levels and in their subject areas. The results were spectacular. A great week!

This coming week – the week of the 18th of July, the second week of the institute, will extend what we did in Week 1 to focus on how to structure a powerful cluster of thinking skills to make extended curricular units more effective, how to provide deep learning power to enhance Problem and Project-Based Units by infusing skillful thinking, and ways that thinking can help students manage their emotions. We look forward to another good week!!


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