Thinking to Learn

Thinking To Learn 2017In this two-day workshop Robert Swartz and David Perkins will work together to develop an instructional framework for what we need to teach students now with regard to their thinking so that they can manage the opportunities, challenges, and uncertainties of the future they will face as they move through the 21st Century.


They will draw examples and practices from classrooms using the Center for Teaching Thinking’s Thinking-Based Learning project and classrooms using the techniques of the Visible Thinking project originating at Project Zero at Harvard University to put together an instructional framework that emphasizes the kinds of attitudes and skills that are needed for effective thinking and action both in new and challenging circumstances and to make the best of new opportunities that present themselves.

They will then discuss what classroom techniques work best to achieve this set of objectives – objectives that stress helping students not only develop these skills, but use them effectively to engage with relevant curriculum content, transfer their use to contexts that arise in their own lives, and internalize them so that their practice is both natural and effective. With regard to the latter, they will examine how the use of these techniques can lead to the development by students of the disposition to use these skills naturally for both deep learning and successful living.


There will be special emphasis on the following components of this new instructional methodology:


  • The use of explicit thinking organizers – strategic and graphic — to make ordinary kinds of thinking more skillful
  • Helping students learn how to use thinking skills to engage with important and relevant curricular content in ways that enhance deep learning in contrast to memorization as the sole vehicle for learning.
  • Structuring the classroom so that individual students learn how to collaborate with others through sharing ideas and developing them in collaborative thinking groups.
  • Creating a broad and ongoing interactive culture of thinking in a classroom.
  • The use of habits of mind and thinking routines to deepen and enrich the infusion of critical and creative thinking into content instruction.
  • A usable framework for prompting students to think about their thinking in ways that lead them to guide their own thinking.
  • Techniques to help students internalize the skillful use of thinking strategies and develop key thinking dispositions for engaging in skillful thinking in their lives outside the classroom.


Lesson design materials will be distributed and participants will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas for using the techniques discussed for creating deep learning based on good thinking in their own classrooms and schools.


Date: November 3rd and 4th, 2017
Place: La Farga School. Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona, Spain.
Price: 150€. Registrations before October 15, 125€. Includes meals, materials and translation.
Information and registrations:
Limited spaces. A unique opportunity to enjoy and learn with two international thinkers.
Do not miss it!