Presenters: Robert Swartz, Viridiana Barban, Carol McGuinness

The Center for Teaching Thinking is pleased to announce a new series of advanced workshops in thinking-based learning to be offered in the fall/winter of 2016-17. These workshops are based on themes from the 2016 summer institute and are classroom practice oriented. They are open to participants who have had some experience in teaching thinking.


Advanced Workshop 1

Enriching Project-Based Units by infusing Thinking Skills

Presenter: Robert Swartz, Accompanied by Visiting Classroom Teachers

11-12 November, 2016

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

One of the problems about learning in traditional schools is helping students learn how to apply what they learn in standard courses to real-world issues. Many schools in Spain today – in fact world-wide – are introducing special action-based instructional units into their curriculum, units that reverse instruction and start with objectives that involve doing beneficial things in the world around us. These schools are developing and introducing extended problem / project-based units in which students learn traditional content through trying to solve real world problems or make decisions about how to develop and implement a project with a specific real-world goal. But in these units students have to solve problems well, make careful decisions, make sure that the information they use comes from a reliable source, compare and contrast different possible routes to the goal, etc. These activities require the use of careful and skillful thinking. We will work on how to infuse skillful thinking into such units so that the maximize well-thought-out results.


Advanced Workshop 2

All Students Can Become Creative Thinkers: Teaching for the Development of Creative Thinking, Innovation, and Invention

Presenters: Robert Swartz and Viridiana Barban

2 – 3 December, 2016

9:00 am – 4:30 pm                                                                                               

A traditional view about creativity is that only some people are born with a creative flair, while others are not. We will show how we can help all students to develop creative thinking skills, and how these skills can lead to not only creative expression in traditional domains like music and art, but also, with the additional use of critical thinking skills, yield innovation and inventions that can benefit us all. And we will show how ALL students can be taught such skills so that they develop this capability and enrich it with content that they learn as they progress through a school curriculum.


Advanced Workshop 3

Thinking as a Route to Managing Our Emotions

Presenters: Robert Swartz  & Carol McGuinness (Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

20 – 21 January, 2017, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Many people view emotions as separate from thinking and often in conflict with thinking. This workshop takes a new look at the emotions and their connection with thinking in the light of new research on this topic and explores classroom activities that can be used to help students manage their emotions through skillful thinking.



CTT meeting room in Madrid at C/ Lopez de Aranda, #35 Local, 28027 Madrid.



250 US dollars per workshop, includes lunch. If you register for all three workshops at once, the cost is 650 US dollars.

For more information, call 91.320.80.70


Bookings are closed for this event.